About SaleBlazers

SaleBlazers is a full service wholesale liquidation and export company. We sell to a wide variety of different buyers. Our inventory is ideal for people who sell at flea markets, on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, have their own online store, have a “Mom & Pop” retail operation, or use the FBA program with Amazon. If you are reselling products in any of those ways, you should at the very least give us a call. We can potentially source your product for you cheaper and more efficiently. If you aren’t local to our warehouse, don’t worry, we can still be your wholesale source. We have a loading dock and can ship your single or multiple pallet purchase to your door within days.

When people ask us what we sell, we typically say “Everything!”, and then they look at us funny. The truth is there is really no other way to put it. Sure we can sell you regular store returns pallets, but much of the product we can get has never even been sold, and some has never even been on a shelf! If you give us a little information about what your sales plan is, we can point you in the direction of what merchandise we think may work best for you. Wholesale truckloads and liquidation pallets come in many variations, and we know there is one that is perfect for you!

Most of our regular buyers would say that we are consultants to their resale businesses. As re-sellers ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to source product and how hard it can be to trust wholesalers. We have been lied to a few times ourselves! We get it. If you allow us one chance to earn your business you will see quickly that we don’t sort through the merchandise, and we are always honest with our buyers. We want to take the time to help you grow your business. For example, if you tell us you are an Amazon seller who needs bulk wholesale items with UPC codes to send to the FBA program, then we can steer you towards a different type of inventory than a regular store returns truckload. If you own a chain of tanning shops, maybe you would prefer a few pallets of sun tan lotion or cosmetics. But if you were a flea marketer or have an eBay store, maybe mixed returns pallets would be best. Do you want to set up a stand this December and sell Christmas Trees? If so, call us and make some space, because we can have a truckload of them shipped to you. Seriously, we can make that happen!


General Merchandise

Wholesale general merchandise pallets and truckloads are some of the most popular in the industry. You will find a mix of appliances, household items, pet and baby items, toys, bedding, hardware, tools, sporting goods, home decor, and in general a little bit of everything.

The big box and online retailers are well known for these general merchandise truckloads and pallets. These loads come from places like Target, Walmart, KMart, Sears, Dollar General, Kohls, Meijer, Amazon, Groupon, JCPenney, Macy’s, and many others. They are comprised of shelf pulls, overstock, customer returns, warehouse damage, box damage, undeliverables, and unfulfilled online orders. They are well loved by the resellers who buy them for their variety, we have even seen a boat in these truckloads in the past! They are very diverse.

Online Orders:

These are some of the cleanest truckloads and pallets we have found and you will no doubt agree. They tend to be a little more expensive, but some find it worth the money. Most of the items in wholesale liquidation online truckloads and pallets will be undeliverables, unfulfilled online orders, customer neglecting to pick-up, bad addresses, overstock, warehouse and box damaged, and customer returns.

Most of the same stores listed in “General Merchandise” also have truckloads and pallets of online returns, as well as Fingerhut, Sportsman’s Guide, BonTon, Groupon, and of course Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many others.

TV Truckloads and Pallets:
The TV stations like QVC and Home Shopping Network have returns and overstock as well! Imagine how many bad addresses or wrong sizes there are in these situations. Generally speaking, they are similar to the online trucks.
Tools, Lawn & Garden, Equipment:
All of the major home improvement store returns are available to you as well. Home Depot, Harbor Freight, Sears Craftsman loads, and even more industrial options like Grainger can be purchased. They come in many different types of trucks, and are sometimes well manifested and very departmentalized. We often have available full or close to full wholesale truckloads of a large amount of just 1 or 2 items. This type of one-off truckload is sometimes ideal for the eBay seller, or flea marketer.
Drug Store/Health & Beauty/HBA/HBC/Cosmetics:
Excellent variety is normally in these HBA and HBC truckloads and pallets. Imagine something from every department at your local CVS being shipping in a truckload to you. Walmart and Rite-Aid are also popular choices for the health and beauty truckloads and pallets. This merchandise tends to be a lot of shelf pulls, mixed in with some customer returns as well. They are generally very clean in all of our experience with them. There can be categories that are obvious like cosmetics and vitamins, but also have the “As Seen on TV” items, electronics, baby and infant items, groceries, and toys that you always see at these stores. Buyers who have retail stores absolutely love these truckloads.
We have multiple shipping points for truckloads and pallets of shelf pull groceries as well. Non-perishable is the key here. Exporters love them. We can fit over 2 truckloads onto a 40 foot sea container for export. You will see a lot of canned goods, cereals and mixes, boxed goods, drinks, etc. They are usually always fully manifested as well.
Clothing/Denim Jeans/Footwear/Shoes:

If you require wholesale clothing truckloads or wholesale liquidation footwear pallets, you are at the right place. We can obtain for you a mix of everything from brand new individually bagged clothing to salvage clothing by the pound.

Many buyers like to purchase a truckload every quarter, and liquidate it as the seasons change. We can very often get specific requests as well, such as all summer children’s clothing, or all women’s designer clothing. JCPenney, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, KMart, Sears, and many other stores are available. We can also ship wholesale salvage clothing pallets, which will have a mix of jeans and other clothing, and is generally priced very aggressively.

Sneakers and dress shoes are easily obtained as well. There are lots of designer sneaker mixes, with Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, Converse, etc. Footwear comes both boxed new, and new/shelf pull/returns in large pallet form. The mixes for clothing and footwear are vast, so feel free to call and give us a chance to earn your business. We will be happy to help.

Lots of wholesale furniture truckloads and pallets are actually new! Much of it is from unfulfilled online orders and overstock. There are returns to be had as well if you prefer. If you have a furniture or discount store, or go to the flea market, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not explore this option. They are generally well manifested truckloads, and have had many excellent reviews. Target, Wayfair, Walmart, and many other stores offer this as an option.
Cell Phones/Cell Phone Accessories:
These are normally not in truckload or pallet form, but can be. We have access to multiple different popular cell phone brands, and can obtain for you large wholesale quantities of them for domestic delivery or for export. Wholesale Apple iPhones, Samsung Notes, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, and almost every other manufacturer’s cell phones are available and eventually end up on the secondary market. If you need multiple pallets of cell phone cases we can provide those as well. Cell phone prices change almost daily like the stock market, and this year’s hot new model eventually becomes last year’s news, so there is a tremendous opportunity in this field for resellers who source properly.
Sporting Goods:
These can be store returns, or catalog returns, mixed in with shelf pull, overstock, box damaged merchandise. There are many different categories with the world of sporting goods. You will see hunting, fishing, camping, baseball, basketball, weightlifting, general exercise, youth sports, football, boxing, and a lot of clothing and footwear. Boating, skiing, golf, and any outdoor activity will come up in these trucks. Although some sporting goods can be found in the general merchandise and online wholesale truckloads and pallets, these are much more concentrated. Popular trucks are from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy, Bass Pro Shops, and Sportsman’s Guide, to name a few.
Toys, Baby, Infant, Toddler:
Certain trucks have only baby items on them, these are very popular. The exporters to Western Africa are big on these types of loads. KMart, Sears, Target, and a few others can be seen in this category.
One-off Specialized Trucks:
We often get requests for a whole truckload of one item, or a specific genre of products. For example, a truckload of air conditioners, microwaves, or Clorox cleaning products. If you need a large amount on just one or a few different things, please ask us. Our inventory access is constantly changing, and more often than not, we can actually fulfill your request. You would probably be surprised at how quickly we can make it happen for you!

Why SaleBlazers?

This can be a scary and tricky business if you don’t source your product properly! There are plenty of people willing to tell you whatever you want to hear in an effort to get you to do that wire! We don’t operate that way. We NEVER cherry pick a pallet, and we ALWAYS give our buyers the most accurate information about the trucks they buy, even if it kills the sale. We would rather get you the truck you need as opposed to just any truck. If you haven’t been in this business, and don’t understand the mechanics of it, there may be a long and expensive learning curve for you. We can help shorten and potentially eliminate that curve. We have in place all the strategic partners and necessary contacts to source your product quickly and efficiently and make any transaction go as smooth as it can possibly go. Our best advice to buyers……BE PATIENT! If you want a certain truck, let us try to find it.

We have the logistics of exporting handled for you as well. No longer will you have to deal with one person for a certain truck, one for another, a third person for the warehousing and packing of your sea container, and then an entirely different freight forwarder or shipping company. We do it all! If you have exported before, think about how much easier it would have been if you had just 1 company to deal with and they were able to get you excellent pricing on the truckloads of merchandise, as well as handle all the packing and international shipping for you. That is what separates us from every other export company. One contact for the whole transaction!

How To Pay?
Because of the size of most of the transactions in this business, doing a bank wire or paying cash is typical. In some cases we can take credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal.

As far as shipping is concerned, one thing we can all agree on is that it is very expensive, and it definitely cuts into all of our profits. It is a necessary evil in this business. We have a general idea what shipping will cost you to and from almost any location in the country, and the world. We have multiple shipping partners, so it doesn’t take too long to gather an exact quote from many different freight companies.

In most cases, it is much easier for us to handle the shipping for you. There are also certain situations where (for privacy and sourcing reasons) we have to handle the shipping. However, if it is allowed, you are welcome to do it yourself. When you take into consideration the added annoyance of shopping around for the best quote, and handling the logistics of the process, you are much better off letting us do it. We do not make a dime off of the shipping, ever. This business is very competitive, and in an effort to give you the best price we have a policy to never pad the shipping costs.

Remember that we do this every day, and the companies we deal with are very familiar with the routes and locations of most of the inventory. This allows them to find certain shipping lanes consistently cheaper. If you have any questions at all about shipping, and would like us to walk you through the process feel free to ask.